22 Dec 2023

El Niño upsets blueberry yield ranking in Peru


A recently published table shows how yields for Peruvian blueberries performed this 2023 season.

According to Elizabeth Miranda (Production Consultant at VIVERO LOS VIÑEDOS), "farms in the north have lowered yields considerably due to the high temperatures recorded this season (> 5 degrees compared to the previous one)."

"Once again, genetics plays a very important role and it is clear that companies not working with patented varieties have been the most affected and may be left out over time. However, for southern producers it was a very good year in terms of kilos and prices, obviously due to the low yields in the north."

As far as the economics are concerned, Elizabeth Rimanda also says that "currently prices are still very attractive, which is why many growers in the north are thinking of not pruning in January and continuing to extend the harvest into March. Another factor to consider is that the potted blueberry plantations have performed much better, they have better gauges and if you add to that the genetics, it's a perfect combination."

Source: E. Miranda

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