07 Nov 2023

An extract from sunflower receptacles could be an effective anti-mould for blueberries


Mould on blueberries is a substantial problem, causing economic losses and food waste. Researchers have found a solution in compounds derived from sunflower crop waste, which can prevent blueberry rot. 

Sunflower receptacles, often considered waste, contain these protective compounds. The study identified 17 diterpenoids, including four new ones, that combat gray mold. 

Four compounds, two of which were newly discovered, disrupted the fungus's membrane, preventing biofilm formation. In practical tests, applying these extracts to blueberries reduced mold growth by almost half over six days. 

These findings suggest that sunflower stem extracts could be a natural way for the food industry to combat postharvest fruit diseases.

Source: American Chemical Society

Image by nikitabuida on Freepik

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