12 Jun 2023

Agadir: the fourth Morocco Berry Congress will be held on 9 November 2023


The fourth edition of the Morocco Berry Conference will be held on 9 November in the Les Dunes d'Or congress hall in Agadir, with Italian Berry being a media partner for the third consecutive time.

On that occasion Agadir will be the capital of berries: Agadir has witnessed a rapid development of berries. In less than 10 years, raspberries and blueberries have outgrown an area of 4,500 hectares cultivated in greenhouses and above ground.

In addition to the favourable climate, Agadir has benefited from its technological advances in greenhouse horticulture. Agadir has a fleet of greenhouses equipped with modern irrigation techniques, above ground and climate control equipment. This has made a rapid conversion to soft fruit cultivation possible. Of course, technical expertise was crucial to ensure the success of this transition.

The main annual event for berries in Morocco

Since 2019, the Morocco Berry Conference has attracted no less than 500-600 participants from 30 different countries (Europe, the Mediterranean basin and all five continents) who have travelled to attend this event, which has become the essential gathering for berries in Africa and the Middle East.

The success of this annual meeting is attributed to the creation of a learning platform that brings together the world's leading specialists and experts, providing knowledge and information to the berry industry, which has high standards.

An internationally renowned, state-of-the-art event

More than 200 foreign participants actively participate in the conference, turning it into an internationally recognised meeting and exchange event. The Morocco Berry Conference also provides the opportunity for more than 40 companies from around the world to present their innovative, cutting-edge products and to communicate the latest advances in cultivation techniques and know-how. Moroccan operators from the north and south are very receptive to upstream and downstream developments in the berry industry.

Quality speakers and a professional audience

Given the rapid evolution of the berry industry, Green Smile and Hortitool Consulting have always chosen to invite the best specialists, even from regions as far away as South America, the United States, Australia, South and North Africa.

The organisers

Green Smile, an agricultural consultancy and training agency based in Agadir, has contributed to the training and technical support of producers since its foundation in 2009. Green Smile has played a significant role in training producers in general above-ground techniques and has supported pod development by organising training sessions every year. Over 500 technicians and agronomists have received certified training from distinguished specialists such as the late Bernadine Strik, Sebastian Ochoa and many others. Green Smile's proximity to growers explains the success of the Morocco Berry Conference and the other training sessions offered to growers.

Hortitool Consulting, a consulting company founded in 2015, specialises exclusively in technical assistance to berry growers in more than 10 countries. The Hortitool team listens to growers' issues and, thanks to its global vision, assists farms in improving the quality, yield and marketing strategies of their production. Hortitool Consulting and Green Smile work together to make the Morocco Berry Conference a success.

The Morocco Berry Conference is supported by the Moroccan Berry Growers Association and the Chamber of Agriculture of the Souss Massa region and is the largest berry event expected by the industry in Morocco and abroad.

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