01 Feb 2024

80,000 tonnes of blueberries are expected from Chile for export, with a longer season


Andrés Armstrong, Executive Director of the Chilean Blueberry Committee, highlighted the challenges in predicting export quantities due to weather conditions affecting crop development. The season is expected to extend longer than the previous one, with an estimated export of about 80,000 tons, 8.5% lower than the previous season but close to the initial forecast. 

The focus should now be on improving variety and fruit quality for enhanced competitiveness. As of the third week, cumulative exports were 15.6% lower than the same period last season. The United States remains the primary market, followed by Europe, Canada, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, with notable growth in Europe and Latin America. The southern region's harvest is slightly delayed, potentially allowing for extended fresh fruit exports.

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Image by Samuele Schirò from Pixabay

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