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Redcurrants sink Italian retail prices

This week, online prices in the Italian food retail sample (Amazon, Carrefour, Conad, Cortilia, Easy Coop, Eataly, Esselunga, Penny, U2) changed slightly for major products while the redcurrant price index fell sharply.

ReferencePrice changes
Grand total-3%

In the detected online retail retailers , 32 references were detected in the assortment.


Average prices

Amazonraspberries€ 20,72
Amazonblueberries€ 15,04
Carrefourblueberries€ 17,36
Carrefourblackberries€ 11,84
Conadraspberries€ 21,44
Conadblueberries€ 15,84
Conadblackberries€ 15,84
Cortiliaraspberries€ 23,84
Cortiliablueberries€ 23,84
Cortiliablackberries€ 19,92
Easy Coopraspberries€ 15,92
Easy Coopblueberries€ 19,88
Easy Coopblackberries€ 15,92
Eatalyraspberries€ 34,40
Eatalyblackberries€ 23,84
Esselungaraspberries€ 19,32
Esselungablueberries€ 15,04
Esselungablackberries€ 15,04
EsselungaRedcurrant€ 15,84
Familyraspberries€ 15,60
Familyblueberries€ 11,60
FamilyRedcurrant€ 11,60
PAMraspberries€ 23,92
PAMblueberries€ 14,32
PAMblackberries€ 14,32
U2raspberries€ 19,92
U2blueberries€ 11,96
U2blackberries€ 11,96

The following table shows the details of sales prices for the 29 references surveyed.

Data are broken down by retailer, segment (premium, organic, zero residue, standard) and weight format for the 10 retailers analyzed.

Price detail by segment

OrganicCortiliaRaspberries 125 g€ 2,98
OrganicEasy CoopBlueberries 125 g€ 2,98
PremiumEsselungaRaspberries 125 g€ 2,58

The survey was conducted on 5/9/2022.

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