25 Jun 2022

Myfruit: a successfull berry webinar


The webinar organised on 21 June 2022 by myfruit and Italian Berry became a unique opportunity for dialogue and open discussion between large retailers (represented by Zampieri of Conad and Stanislao of Megamark) and manufacturers (with Allisio of Berryway and Bertelli of Spreafico), punctuated by figures, analyses and insights provided by NCX Drahorad - Italian Berry.


Obviously, the game of the parties was respected: on the one hand, the retail side claimed better quality, shelf-life, logistics and reliability of supply to cope with the delicacy of the category, on the other hand, the production side boasted concrete objectives of varietal planning, segmentation opportunities and demands for adequate point-of-sale positioning.

myfruit webinar
The year of appearance of the segments in the berries category in Italian shops (source: presentation by Thomas Drahorad)

But everyone finally wanted to converge on a few key points as the potential of a category that has been growing in double figures for years can be put to even better use than hitherto.


Hence, more focus on new weight formats,assortment expansion, customer loyalty actions, and more timely and concerted planning .

Tesco (UK): segmentation blueberries (source: presentation by Thomas Drahorad)

No one has ever uttered the magic word 'prices'. Let's take this as an interesting sign, even though those who produce, package, deliver and sell every day know that everything is often played out in the space of a few cents more or less.

There was also a great desire to work together, based on the experience of the United States and the United Kingdom, where institutional promotional actions have made a market explode that still shows no signs of fatigue. In Italy there is (still) a lack of horizontal aggregation between operators, which would effectively support the qualified vertical integration projects of the supply chain that the most professional Italian operators are implementing.

Promotional strategies in the UK and US (source: presentation by Thomas Drahorad)

You will find all these topics and much more (e.g. all the Conad figures) in the full webinar: exactly one hour of pure energy, ideas, stimuli and provocations, thanks to all participants who demonstrated competence and passion.

Of course, we would like to thank the sponsors who made this meeting possible: Arrigoni, Fall Creek, iPiccoli, G-Berries and Sant'Orsola.

Enjoy watching, enjoy listening. And from tomorrow we start again, to grow together.

Thomas Drahorad's full presentation (25 pages) is available as a free download at this link.

Read also the webinar report by Emanuela Stifano for myfruit

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