27 Mar 2024

A technical event on berries at Fruttinfiore in Lagnasco (Italy)


As part of Fruttinfiore, the traditional spring event held in Lagnasco (Cuneo - Italy), on Saturday 6 April from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. the conference 'Innovations in blueberry cultivation and harvesting' is scheduled with the following programme

11:00 - How to reduce harvesting costs with Sergio Panini of Agrotech and Campagnola

11:20 - Giant American blueberry varieties with Andrea Pergher of Fall Creek

11:35 - Innovation in pot cultivation with Sergio Panini of Agrotech and Pasquini e Bini

11:50 - Biostimulants and microorganisms with Vittoria Percivalle of Sfera

12:15 - Advanced Agrivoltaics with Raphael Sonney of Insolight

12:30 - Production certification with Alessandro D'Elia of Suolo e Salute

12:45 - Saving water in irrigation with Sebastian Ebers of Ecotube

12:50 - Blueberry sorting and processing machines with Sergio Panini of Agrotech and Earis

12:55 - Sustainable packaging with Sergio Panini of Agrotech and Kuku International Packaging

13:00 - Final debate

All participants will be given a copy of the six-monthly Italian Berry Magazine containing data on small fruit consumption in Italy updated to December 2023.

For registration (subject to availability) send an e-mail to sergio.panini.agro@gmail.com (366 6314643).

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