16 Apr 2023

Poland, 2023 season amid difficulties and fears


Growers of blueberries in Poland are preparing for a difficult season.

The situation in the European fresh market for blueberries remains tense due to very limited supply. After the continued influx of large volumes of Peruvian blueberries , and the resulting drop in prices, the situation has changed dramatically, EastFruit project analysts report in reference to the fresh market website.

It all started with the outbreak of political protests in Peru, which halted blueberries exports from the country. The supply of blueberries from Peru has decreased dramatically, although the season is still in full swing. Now the main volumes of blueberries come to the Polish market from Chile, while harvesting in Spain has just begun.

Over the past month the weather in Chile has not been favorable for growing blueberries and the country has been ravaged by fires. The cold weather in southern Spain in January severely affected the production of blueberries. As a result, the supply of Spanish blueberries will be rather limited.



In the past month alone, sales prices of imported blueberries have increased in Poland by an average of 45 percent and are now sold at PLN 50.00-60.00/kg ($11.53-13.83/kg). At the same time, the segment's selling prices have increased 1.5 times over the year.

In the Polish sector of blueberries preparations are under way. The new season promises to be very difficult for many reasons. First, the problem is the sharp increase in production costs. An equally important problem is the shortage of labor, as well as increasing internal and external competition. The area under blueberries cultivation in Poland is growing every year, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for Polish blueberries to compete on the international market.
Production of blueberries in Poland in 2021.

On the one hand, Spanish growers, whose peak season for blueberries is April-June, are looking to upgrade varieties of blueberries to widen the production window and extend exports. On the other hand, there is the dynamic growth of blueberries production in Ukraine and the expectation of increased yields and exports in the new season, despite the ongoing war. In addition, Ukraine now has easier access to EU markets.

Source: East Fruit

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