20 Oct 2022



It consolidates Peru's position as the world's top supplier of blueberries in 2021, accounting for 25.1 percent of total supply. Grapes, avocados, asparagus and mangoes complete the quintet of Peruvian exports.


Lizbeth Pumasunco, head of the Centro de Investigación de Economía y Negocios Globales CIEN-ADEX (CIEN) pointed out that Peru has consolidated its position as the world's leading supplier of blueberries in 2021, with 25.1 percent of the total and with the United States as the main destination.

According to the ADEX Data Trade Intelligence system, blueberries ranked second in non-traditional agro-export supply last year, after fresh grapes and ahead of avocados, asparagus, mangoes, animal feed preparations and citrus fruits.

"The world is prioritizing the consumption of fresh produce with health-promoting nutrients, and blueberry responds to these characteristics. Although demand will continue to increase, it is important to take into account several elements that will help strengthen our position as a major global exporter," he said.

One of these is oversupply, not only in Peru but also in other producing countries, which could put downward pressure on prices. A second element is the organoleptic characteristics of blueberry.

"Others are training producerspromoting good agricultural practices to ensure safety and increase productivity, and finding more international buyers. Last September, our association organized Expoalimentaria and blueberry was one of the most popular products," he recalled.


In turn, Somerfield Farms' Business Developer for South America in the U.S., Eder Ríos, commented that buyers appreciate the size (caliber) of the berries. "If it exceeds 18 millimeters, it goes to jumbo presentation, while if it exceeds 20 millimeters it goes to superjumbo. Both are the ones that generate the best yields," he explained.

Blueberries with bloom around them.
Blueberries with bloom around them.

Other qualities include the firmness of blueberry, as transportation time and the time it takes to reach the final consumer must be taken into account. Depending on the destination," he continued, "a firmer fruit will always be more appreciated than a soft one."

"Also to be taken into account arethe bloom, a characteristic white coating that protects blueberry from biological or natural agents, the brix (sweetness) grade and acidity, the level of which must be optimal not only to prevent the reproduction of pathogens, but also to make it pleasant to eat," he explained.

Source: Blueberries Consulting
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