11 Sep 2023

Only 21% of the Peruvian blueberries hit Europe so far


ProArándanos reports that the Peruvian blueberry campaign in week 33 has fallen short of expectations, with a 37% decrease in exports compared to the previous season. So far, only 21,075 tons of blueberries have been exported, and the organic blueberry segment has been hit particularly hard, with a 54% drop from the previous season and 10% below the season's initial forecast. The main cause of this decline is attributed to atypical weather conditions in Peru, primarily caused by El Niño, resulting in higher temperatures between 39 and 41 degrees Celsius compared to the average.

Agricultural engineer Ricardo V. Victor Arias Salcedo emphasizes the challenges posed by non-tropical crops like blueberries in northern Peru, with adaptation issues and significant production losses of up to 80% due to climate events. Arias suggests that there is a direct link between climate change and El Niño, warning of an impending climate crisis between 2023 and 2024. To overcome these challenges, he recommends embracing a "rain culture," assessing potential effects, creating contingency plans, and leveraging the advantages of El Niño.


The adverse effects of the weather, particularly the high UV radiation and temperature rise, have impacted blueberry production, causing stress and phytosanitary issues in the plants. This has resulted in delayed blossoming by 60 days. The reduced blueberry production has also affected global markets, with the United States, China, Europe, and the United Kingdom being the primary destinations. The United States, with a 39% share, saw a 63% decrease in blueberry imports compared to the previous season. China received 23% of Peruvian blueberry shipments, but this volume also decreased by 28%. Europe received 21% of the shipments, despite a 13% decline, with the majority arriving in Rotterdam.

In summary, the Peruvian blueberry campaign in week 33 has faced challenges due to atypical weather conditions caused by El Niño, resulting in decreased exports and a significant impact on key international markets. Adaptation and mitigation strategies are essential to address these issues and secure the future of the blueberry industry in Peru.

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