10 Feb 2022

Wholesale markets: mostly fruit service customers and mixed punnets


An explosion of formats and proposals for berries in the large-scale retail and wholesale markets? Myfruit metaphorically cycled on a mini tour of Italy to record the phenomenon. In fruit and vegetable markets, these products are sold and distributed-even to Gdo out lets-mostly to medium and large operators. More difficult is the sale to greengrocers. An unfertile channel for raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and currants.


Mario Merci has been selling berries at the Verona market for 27 years in a close relationship with the Sant'Orsola company for distribution. The packaging is the standard one that we find in all markets, i.e. a carton with eight 125 gram mixed baskets. Have sales changed over the years? "We recorded a considerable increase in the first few years, but the offer has grown and the numbers have settled down for us". 

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In the Ligurian capital's market we meet Gregorio Della Rupe, until last year owner of Costa Funghi srl and now a collaborator with the company. Long experience with all berries, including mushrooms. "I have been selling them since 1984 and in 30 years the demand and quality has increased. Today there is professionalism thanks to the rediscovery of the consumer who used to eat blackberries brambleberries and raspberries in the mountains. Gone are those days, now large-scale retail has organized itself with refrigeration and refrigerated display cases. 

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The agri-food market of Sardinia, located in Sestu not Cagliari, is home to the company Frutta 10, and myfruit.co.uk met with one of its representatives-Emanuele Galimberti. "Our supplier is Garden Frutta . The origin of the products changes season by season. Right now we have Dutch currants, blueberry from Chile, Moroccan raspberries, and the blackberries from Mexico." In Sardinia, too, they are consumed mainly in spring, but are present 12 months a year. A differentiated but constant supply: "The demand has grown in recent years, as has the competition; we have been processing them for about 6 years. It used to sell more to the large-scale retail trade, then they equipped themselves via platform."

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