12 Feb 2020



Enrosadira is a raspberry variety selected and patented by Az Agr. Molari and Gatti di Molari Gilberto, Italy in 2014 (EU PVR 48949, Plant Patent USA 14120026, PBR Australia 2017050).

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  • Early re-flowering variety (7 days later than Polka)
  • Medium-large fruit size, light colour, conical fruit.
  • It comes off very easily, which means that harvesting time can be considerably reduced.
  • Tastes great.
  • Much cultivated in Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Poland, Serbia. Variety that adapts well in different environments and climates.
  • Average productivity of 2 kg per plant per year, i.e. 24 tonnes per hectare; however, records of 37 tonnes per hectare are also reached.
  • By planting a small seedling, this variety enters into production 90-100 days after transplanting.
  • It is possible to make two production cycles, both re-flowering and unified. The unified production anticipates the production of Tulameen by about 10 days.
  • Cold resistant variety.
  • Variety that likes abundant fertilization.

The registered logo of the variety, which can be used by all growers of this variety:

The Enrosadira logo (Vivai Molari)

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