22 Apr 2024

VacCAP webinar on Assessing Post-Storage Texture and Appearance Characteristics in Blueberry


The shelf-life of blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) fruits depends on changes in multiple fruit characteristics during storage, including texture, appearance of wrinkles and mold, and water loss. 

These changes result in softening, decay, and change in taste, which can negatively affect consumer acceptance. 

Therefore, understanding how breeders can select for new cultivars with extended shelf-life is crucial. In VacCAP multiple studies were conducted to understand the variation of texture, chemistry and appearance characteristics at harvest and post-storage and their relationship.

In this webinar the results of two studies carried across three locations, Northern and Southern Highbush blueberry cultivars are presented and will provide insight into strategies to select for shelf-life and quality. 

Also, an example of application of texture analysis methods for improved quality at harvest and post-storage in a blueberry breeding program will be presented. 

A short overview of the different subcomponents will be drawn. Finally, comparison with other major crops, where the selection for texture components is more advanced, will be reported and discussed, to highlight blueberry related implications and strategies.

Speakers: Dr. Massimo Iorizzo (North Carolina State University) and Dr. Lara Giongo (Fondazione Edmund Mach)

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