27 Aug 2021

Here is how a container of Ozblu blueberries arrived after a 51 days journey


Australia's United Exports recently announced that world-class OZblu® genetics have broken another world record. A container of fresh blueberries OZblu® crossed the Pacific Ocean - from the port of Manzanillo in Mexico to the port of Hong Kong - spending 51 days at sea and arriving fresh and ready for sale in Hong Kong on 20 May 2021. This was one of several containers sent to Asia since OZblu-Sun Farms' first harvest in Mexico, and set a new record for blueberries.

On arrival in Hong Kong, the berries had retained their size, the sugars were excellent and they were firm and ready for sale as fresh blueberries . They had all the crispness and taste that blueberries OZblu® customers are accustomed to, and the exceptional, quality eating experience that fresh OZblu® blueberries offers.

OZblu® co-founder Roger Horak said: "These were OZ Julieta™ and OZ Magica™, freshly harvested, packaged and shipped in standard refrigerated controlled atmosphere containers, but without the post-harvest fumigation or modified atmosphere bags widely used in the industry at blueberries. This is the pioneering work of a lifetime, spanning almost 30 years and millions of dollars of investment, of breeders Dave and Leasa Mazzardis and United Exports. This work has been enriched by countless research trials and innovation in post-harvest processes that ensure these blueberries evergreens can deliver results."

The OZblu® fruit left Mexico with a green QC (quality control) score and arrived in Hong Kong in the same outstanding condition, also receiving a green QC on arrival, as detailed in the independent QC inspection reports below.

Extract from the pre-departure inspection report
Extract of the inspection report on arrival
This particular lot was produced by OZblu-Sun Farms, a joint venture with United Exports in Mexico, and was sold by United Exports' OZblu Marketing LLC. United Exports is expanding its plantations in Mexico and its existing footprint in Peru and the United States, as well as its grower in Chile.

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