28 Nov 2019

The agreement between Aurorafruit and SanLucar is official


The SanLucar Group, dedicated to the production and distribution of high quality fruit and vegetables, expands its presence in Europe with the birth of SanLucar Italia SRL, based in Verona.

Following its success in the German and Austrian markets, the multinational now lands in Italy together with two players in the Italian fruit and vegetable sector: after Giuliano for the Apulian grapes, a new master grower joins SanLucar for the exclusive supply of strawberries and berries in Italy: Aurorafruit.

Founded in 2008, Aurorafruit (of which Luciano Mattivi is president and Alessandro Lucchini is CEO) brings together the many years of experience of selected producers from the mountains of Trentino and the Veronese plain. These two production areas have a territorial synergy that allows the harvesting of strawberries and berries of extraordinary quality, from April to December.

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