22 Oct 2022

Demba, the new early blueberry variety from Onubafruit


This season Onubafruit is marketing a new variety of blueberry, also owned by it, which is the result of the new variety research and development program it is supporting on its experimental farm in Lepe, within the facilities of one of its partners, the Cobella cooperative.

This is the variety of blueberry Demba, which is going into production and the first crop is being offered for sale. Demba's goal is to extend the production months of blueberries into the fall, that is, to begin marketing in October instead of having to wait until the beginning of the year.

This is one of the innovations that second-grade cooperative Onubafruit brought to the Fruit Attractión fair in Madrid. Onubafruit is composed of five cooperatives: Cobella, Cartayfres, Freslucena, Costa de Huelva and SAT Condado.

Onubafruit's new variety of blueberry : Demba.
Onubafruit's new variety of blueberry : Demba.


Cobella director Pedro Paniagua explains that Demba's main characteristic is its earliness, although it is also a productive variety with good size and flavor. Cobella is one of the cooperatives that is already harvesting Demba together with Costa Huelva, although all members already have plants of this new variety at blueberry.

Overall, there are just over a hundred hectares in productionalthough all indications are that they will continue to increase as all Onubafruit cooperatives are testing this new variety.

Source: Agrodiario Huelva

Photo: OnubafruitEl Mundo

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