26 Apr 2023

China: Cheng Liu, the pioneer worth 66400 hectares, exclusive speaker at Macfrut


Expected at Macfrut from China is Cheng Liu, who will be a speaker at International Blueberry Days at the Symposium on Wednesday, May 3.

The Senior Researcher from the Lia oning Academy of Agricultural Sciences (LAAS) is from Liaoning Province, in the far north - east of China (border with North Korea) but collaborates with companies operating in different Chinese provinces. He will be accompanied by the chairwoman of a producer association of blueberries from Hunan, central China.

Cheng Liu has played a leading role in the explosive development of blueberry cultivation in China, growing from almost nothing from 2001 to 2023 to the current 66400 ha.

States the Chinese researcher that "the industrialization of blueberry in China has been developing since 2001, and by 2020 the cultivation area was 66400 hectares, with a production of 347,200 t. The cultivation area of blueberry in greenhouses has reached 2010 hectares, with a production of 15,000 t in 2020. The growing area of blueberries in high tunnel was 705 hectares, with production of 7,510 t in 2020. In the northern areas of the country, varieties of blueberry Southern Highbush were planted in greenhouses."

Cheng Liu is senior researcher, director of the Berry Research Center of the Liaoning Institute of Pomology (Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences, LAAS) and member of the academic committee of the Institute. Scientist for the identification of germplasm resources of blueberry and the creation of new germplasm of the Ministry of Agriculture; director of the Key Laboratory for Genetic Improvement of berries and Efficient Cultivation in Liaoning Province; chief coordinator of the innovation team for blueberries and raspberry breeding and supporting cultivation technology in Liaoning Province; team leader of the Discipline for Genetic Improvement and Cultivation of berries of the Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Executive director and deputy secretary-general of the berries section of the Chinese Horticultural Society, council member of the strawberry section of the Chinese Horticultural Society, council member of the Liaoning Horticultural Society, chairman of the professional committee for berries, vice-president and secretary-general of the Liaoning Haoyuan Research Alliance for berries Industry, part-time tutor of graduate students in agronomy and seed industry of Shenyang Agricultural University.

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