09 Nov 2019

Increasing demands for Castion, the re-flowering raspberry of Molario...

  • "We are seeing a marked increase in requests for Castion, which is a reliable and productive variety, interesting both for the grower and for its organoleptic characteristics," said Gilberto Molari, owner of Vivai Molari, a specialist in berries and raspberries in particular.

"Castion is an intermediate ripening raspberry variety; on the re-flowering production the ripening is 20 days after Enrosadira, our other exclusive variety". Continues Molari 'the fruit of Castion is conical, bright red in colour and has a good taste. It preserves well while maintaining the characteristics of colour and flavour. It is a variety particularly suitable for double harvesting. The very vigorous plant offers high productivity".


"In addition to the typical continental climates of northern Italy, this variety has also had positive results in the hot climates of Australia, where we have already had successful experiences in commercial production," Gilberto Molari reported.

Castion is a patented variety by Vivai Molari.

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