25 Sep 2023

This British season's blackberries will be sweeter and of higher calibre


Experts are praising this year's batch of British blackberries, highlighting them as larger, sweeter, and more adaptable for snacking and cooking compared to their wild counterparts in the hedgerows. This provides consumers with an even stronger incentive to choose them at supermarkets over the tempting option of picking their own.

Agricultural specialists assert that this "new generation" of blackberries lacks the sharpness found in around 300 wild sub-species, and this is seen as a positive trait. The other types of blackberries can sometimes be excessively bitter and compromise the quality of desserts or healthy, on-the-go snacks.

In fact, the blackberries available in stores are the result of careful breeding by expert fruit scientists, resulting in a consistent level of quality and flavor. The primary contrast, however, lies in their size, with supermarket varieties often being more than twice as large as their wild counterparts. This year's crop seems to be meeting these expectations.

“Shoppers this year will be able to enjoy sweet and juicy British blackberries well beyond hedgerow season thanks to the advanced techniques of our growers,” says Nick Marston, chairman of British Berry Growers.

Nick Marston, presidente di British Berry Growers.

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