06 Jun 2024

Programming, taste and crispness: the recipe from Dimar (Selex Group)


Giovanni Sansone, purchase manager of fruit and vegetables at Dimar (Selex group, Italy), shared in the Berry Trend webinar (organized by myfruit and Italian Berry) an in-depth vision of the strategies adopted by his company to ensure quality and continuity in the supply of berries and strawberries. This article explores in detail the sourcing practices, quality management, and future prospects for the company.

Sourcing Strategy

Dimar is located in a privileged geographical position, in Piedmont, an important production area for fruit and vegetables. Sansone emphasized how the company has selected local suppliers, with whom it has developed a specific brand for localism, highlighted in stores with the "from us to us" project. This collaboration not only supports local producers but also ensures a continuous and comprehensive supply throughout the year.

Continuous Supply Plan

To ensure the continuous availability of berries, Dimar has implemented a 12-month schedule with suppliers. This approach allows for a constant brand presence on the shelves, ensuring consumers a quality product all year round. Continuity is further guaranteed through the use of distinctive packaging that elevates the product's visibility, distinguishing it from competitors' offerings.

Planogram Management and Automatic Reordering

A crucial aspect of Dimar's strategy is the planogram for the temperature controlled section, which assigns specific spaces for each item. This system helps staff maintain display order and ensures product availability on the shelves. Additionally, automatic reordering, based on cash register sales, assists department heads in placing orders, minimizing stockouts, and improving inventory management.

Collaboration and Continuity

Sansone highlighted the importance of collaboration with suppliers to ensure continuity in the assortment. This close relationship allows for better handling of supply crises, ensuring a constant supply even in times of difficulty. Cooperation with local and national suppliers is essential to maintaining a high level of quality and meeting consumer needs.

The Quality Challenge

To maintain a high-quality standard, Dimar focuses on specific varieties that guarantee taste and crunchiness. The selection of complementary varieties and the use of new cultivation techniques allow for an extended production calendar, offering fresh products for most of the year. This approach, combined with careful management of packaging and product visibility, elevates Dimar's proposal standards.

Future Projects: Private Label

Currently, Dimar does not have a private label for berries, but Sansone indicated that there are ongoing projects. If realized, the private label would coexist with existing berry brands, complementing the offer without replacing it. Sansone expressed a preference for developing a premium private label line rather than a basic line, to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market.


Giovanni Sansone's strategies for Dimar demonstrate an integrated and collaborative approach to managing the production and marketing of berries and strawberries. The continuity in supply, careful quality management, and close collaboration with suppliers are key elements that allow Dimar to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. With an eye to the future, the company continues to explore new opportunities to improve and expand its offer, effectively responding to market needs.

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