30 Apr 2024

Nova Siri Genetics' breeding programme is yielding first results also for rubus


The Italian breeder Nova Siri Genetics started its breeding activities with a special focus on strawberries, which in recent years has produced varieties that are gaining international popularity such as Marimbella, Rossetta and Melissa.

Recently, NSG's research efforts are also focusing on rubus (raspberries and blackberries). Currently, 1000 selections are being evaluated, of which 70% are raspberries and 30% blackberries. The selections take place in a section of the greenhouses housed at NSG's premises in Nova Siri, in a facility with hundreds of pots, each with a different variety that the breeders keep under close observation.

For blackberries, the breeding strategy is relying on the creation of a strong genetic base, obtained from a series of wild blackberries crossed with free varieties. The blackberry breeding programme started three years ago and is beginning to show the first relevant results.

Meanwhile, a raspberry selection, for which NSG will soon start the plant patent registration process, is already well advanced. It is a deep red variety with a brilliant appearance and excellent taste. It also allows easy harvesting, as the berries are easily detached from the plant.

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