06 Apr 2024

Japanese strawberries are a masterpiece of taste and marketing


The fascination of Japanese strawberries

Japanese strawberries are not just fruits, but genuine works of agricultural art. Cultivated with care and attention, these red delicacies are distinguished by their exquisite taste, perfect shape and vivid colour. Japanese growers are dedicated to advanced and innovative agricultural techniques, using controlled greenhouses, vertical cultivation and even music to promote the healthy growth and sweetness of strawberries.

Rising demand

The growing demand for high-quality strawberries in Japan is fuelled by several factors. Firstly, there is a growing interest in health and wellness, with consumers looking for fresh, healthy fruit to supplement their diets. Strawberries, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, are a popular choice for those seeking natural sweetness without guilt.

Furthermore, there is a cultural aspect to consider. Strawberries are often associated with gifts and gestures of affection in Japan, especially during holidays such as Valentine's Day and White Day. High-quality strawberries are considered a precious gift, a symbol of care and attention for the recipient.

A luxury fruit market

The market for premium strawberries in Japan is not only a matter of taste, but also of status. Premium strawberries are sold at high prices, often packaged in elegant packages and presented as a luxury to treat yourself or as a gift. Some exclusive varieties, such as the 'Amaou' and 'Satonishiki' strawberries, can cost up to several thousand yen per kilo, making them a true delicacy for the most refined and affluent palates.

Technology in the service of quality

Technology plays a key role in the production and distribution of high-quality strawberries in Japan. Precise climate controls in greenhouses enable producers to create optimal conditions for growing strawberries at any time of the year. In addition, modern storage and transport techniques ensure that strawberries retain their freshness and flavour even when transported over long distances.

Opportunities for producers

For local and international producers, the Japanese market for high-quality strawberries offers a unique opportunity for growth and success. With the right combination of quality, branding and targeted marketing strategies, producers can win the trust and loyalty of Japanese consumers, paving the way for profitable long-term business relationships.

The demanding and informed consumer

The Japanese consumer is demanding and supermarkets are seen as the preferred outlet for quality purchases, as opposed to direct purchases from producers, which are used for purchases for more standard needs.

In addition to offering quality, supermarkets also offer information, helping consumers to choose different varieties of strawberries according to their preferences. In this infographic, the types of strawberries are arranged in a space that distinguishes them according to two characteristics, placing each variety in a space characterised by the taste axis (sweet/refreshing) and the texture axis (soft/firm).


In this sign displayed in a supermarket in Kyoto (March 2024), consumers are helped to choose their favourite strawberry according to different traits, with a rating being given for each variety. The three traits by which the different strawberry cultivars are rated are sweetness, acidity and firmness.


High-quality strawberries have become a symbol of refined taste and commitment to excellence in the Japanese fruit market. Through a combination of advanced agricultural techniques, strong demand from health-conscious consumers and a touch of luxury, Japanese strawberries continue to thrive as one of the country's most sought-after delicacies. For producers who are able to meet this demand with superior quality products, the strawberry market in Japan offers a world of opportunity.

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