07 Jun 2024

Italian origin dominates the wholesale markets in Italy


The market for berries and strawberries in wholesale fruit and vegetable markets shows the prevalence of Italian products – except for currants, with a lot of Chilean products – and a variability in prices depending on the city and the quality of the product. In particular, the origin affects the price of strawberries, with higher valuations for fruits from Trentino and Lessinia in Veneto. 

Raspberries averaging 14/15 euros per kg

For this berry, there is a lot of Italian product, although there are also shares from Portugal, with prices varying depending on the market. Let's see: Verona (15 euros per kg), Turin (15), Rome (16). Down by 2 euros in Padua where the average is 12 euros per kg. It rises to 14 euros at the Florence market and 20 euros in Cesena while it drops to 18 in Bologna.

National blueberries averaging 14 euros per kg

The national origin dominates in blueberries. Even for this berry, there is a wide range of prices as seen in the quotations of the individual markets. Verona (17 euros per kg), Turin (13.50), Rome (14), Padua (11), Florence (13) Cesena and Bologna sell at 16 euros per kg.

Blackberries from 13 to 16 euros per kg

Aside from rare shares from Mexico, blackberries are also produced in Italy. With an average quotation of 14 euros per kg. In detail, Turin 12.50 euros per kg, Verona (14), Rome (14), Padua (14), Florence (14), Cesena (20), Bologna (17).

Currants up to 40 euros per kg, mostly from Chile

In many markets, currants are of Chilean origin, but there is no shortage of Italian products. Sustained prices, but also a wide price range. With significant increases in recent days. In Verona, there is a jump of 7 euros to reach a quotation for Italian products of 32 euros per kg. Let's see the quotations of Chilean origin: Turin (31.5) Rome (19), Florence (30), Bologna (20). Italian origin is sold at 40 euros in Padua, then Bergamo (27).

Trentino strawberries at 7 euros

It is time for hills and mountains for strawberries. The more resistant and seasonal ones are from Veneto's Lessinia and Trentino. The latter manage to fetch interesting quotations, i.e., 7 euros on average per kg, reaching even 7.50. The ones from Veneto are about one euro less, while prices drop below 5 euros for other competing Italian regions. There is still an extra product from Basilicata that reaches 6 euros per kg.

In larger markets like Verona, prices are around 6 euros for Trentino products. We cite as a news case the market of Syracuse where local strawberries are sold at about 2 euros per kg. Local product also in Sardinia where it costs just over 4 euros per kg, there is also the second choice at about 2/3 euros. Similar prices for the Campania product in Naples.


Source: Myfruit

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