06 Sep 2023

Italian Berry's restyling: a privileged vantage point into the Italian berry market


After 4 years and 1,500 articles published, we wanted to give Italian Berry a new look: a redesign to improve the experience of the tens of thousands of readers scattered around the world and to celebrate a new way of bringing relevant information to the berry industry.

Italian Berry was born out of our passion for berries and our desire to contribute to the growth of an industry that in Italy is showing great dynamism but has yet to fully exploit its market potential.

In these four years we have seen the interest of professionals and consumers in berries grow: this is demonstrated by the consumption figures of Italian households that we update every semester and make available to the public of Italian Berry.

But it is also evident by the participation of the entire supply chain in our events, which started in 2019 with Blueberry Business Day in Bologna and continued with other international events, starting with Italian Berry Day in 2021 up to International Berry Days in 2023 and the various national events that we organized or to which we were invited as speakers.

This is how Italian Berry has become the reference point for the category, with one eye on the global supply chain and the other among the shelves of the Italian retailers, which we observe every week both nationally and in the outlets of the big cities in the North.

In the new look, there is also room for the English version, which has already taken Italy's berries around the world and will continue to be a privileged vantage point for learning about the Italian market and the global trends that govern it.

We thank all our loyal readers with a commitment: Italian Berry will continue to bring berries to your attention with passion and professionalism, informing the supply chain in a timely manner to make it grow and reach the ambitious goals we know are within our reach.

Italian Berry - All rights reserved

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