07 Oct 2023

Dynamic Italian berries also starring at Fruit Attraction 2023


The assessment from industry professionals is unanimous: the 2023 edition of Fruit Attraction was a success both in terms of the quantity of attendees and the quality of the established connections.

Companies specializing in berries attracted significant traffic to Hall 9, where many of them were concentrated. In addition to Spanish companies led by the industry association Freshuelva, Italian, Peruvian, British, and Dutch companies were present, with Chile occupying a significant space in Hall 4, where 90 companies and 200 operators were gathered.

Italy's berry industry was primarily represented by nurseries and breeders who showcased their latest varietal innovations in Madrid, successfully testing their internationalization efforts in the market.

Battistini: extraordinary opportunity for growers and nurseries

According to Sandra Laghi, Commercial Manager at Battistini Vivai, "Fruit Attraction remains an extraordinary fair, not only for the nursery sector but also for the connection between producers and nurseries. Attendance this year was exceptionally high, and I can confidently say that I am more than satisfied."

Molari: Madrid outperforms Berlin

Matteo Molari, Managing Partner of Molari Berries & Breeding, experienced an "extremely favorable participation in the fair. Madrid, in our opinion, undoubtedly surpasses even Fruit Logistica as the most interesting fair for our company. This is due to several factors, including proximity to the Spanish and Portuguese markets, which are of great importance to us. Additionally, the fair's size and human atmosphere are highly appreciated.

Our presence also highlighted a significant internationalization process. Without a doubt, this is the fair we would never want to miss. Furthermore, it was a significant opportunity for us in relation to the launch of our new club, the 'Naike Blueberry Club,' dedicated to blueberries. We established numerous valuable contacts, opening new opportunities not only for raspberries but also for blueberries.

This event also boosted the visibility of our new varieties, such as 'Easy Rock.' The contacts we established were substantial and meaningful, beyond typical fair encounters. In summary, the outcome is extremely positive.

The fair represents a fundamental opportunity for the training of our team members. It was a significant opportunity for new team members to immerse themselves in the concrete world of business and introduce themselves to the fair audience."

Suriano: Madrid's crucial support for NSG's internationalization process

For Carmela Suriano, EMEA Director of Nova Siri Genetics, "this fair represents an event of great significance both in terms of numbers and quality, especially regarding the participation of key players in the industry. In our case, focusing on genetics and new varieties, qualified presence is of fundamental importance. We had the opportunity to meet numerous professionals active in the strawberry sector, coming from Europe, the Maghreb, North Africa, as well as Japan, South Africa, and South America.

These meetings are of great significance for NSG, as we are currently engaged in an internationalization process, consolidating our presence in the Mediterranean basin. The next step will be to expand and strengthen our presence in North Africa, the Maghreb, and South America, making these encounters particularly interesting for us.

There is growing attention towards strawberries and berries in general, with the expectation that this sector will be one of the most dynamic in the coming years, with steady growth. In countries like Italy, the berry market may not be mature yet, but we expect a significant increase in market share in the coming years, indicating a promising future for strawberries and berries in general.

Genetic research is active in many genetic improvement programs, and we had the opportunity to engage with potential competitors at European and international levels. The predominant demand from producers is for new varieties, suggesting that while the current genetic offer has met climatic and market needs until now, new questions are arising from emerging production and market requirements.

Today, we face epochal changes, such as those related to climate and climate change, as well as new cultivation practices. Sustainability has become a fundamental priority, and therefore, our commitment is to provide the market with varieties that are resistant and produced using low-impact environmental techniques. Genetic research is undergoing a crucial phase, and Nova Siri Genetics is committed to continuing on this path, developing increasingly better varieties from an organoleptic perspective and capable of addressing emerging challenges in the production and market areas."

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