Future challenges for Chilean blueberry according to Felipe Silva


Felipe Silva, General Manager of Zur Group, was appointed President of the Chilean Blueberry Comitee in October 2019.

In his keynote address, he touched on the key points on which the committee's work will focus under his chairmanship, which comes at a 'very specialtime for the global blueberriessector, particularly with regard to changeson the global supply side':

  • Continue to improve product quality reliability upon arrival on world markets
  • The food safety achieved so far, which is recognized by customers
  • The Chilean product has a spectacular taste and sweeter, so if you reach the markets with more reliable quality the product will have a preferential channel
  • Continuing the focus on promoting the consumption of blueberries in different world markets
  • Varietal improvement has led to improved quality at delivery globally
  • More efficient shipping routes have been developed, with optimised transit times such as for the European market.
Felipe Silva, new president of the Chilean Blueberry Comitee

Source: Chilean Blueberry Comitee

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