18 Nov 2019



The sweet-tasting blackberries are now more widely available to consumers. However, according to Global Plant Genetics, much work remains to be done.


Sweet blackberries , despite making up only a small percentage of overall berry sales, could be considered one of the biggest breeding successes of recent times in this sector. They are taking up more space on retail shelves and are available for a longer window. During periods when they are not available, consumers are returning to traditional types or not buying blackberries at all. This is unfortunate, but the industry is on its way to making impressive progress.

There are a few key factors to be used to keep the sweet-flavored blackberries industry on its growth trend. These include new varieties that operate in a wider range of climatic conditions. This in turn means that availability can be increased over a 12-month period. Production techniques can be optimized to extend the supply season in places with existing production. In addition, it would be nice to see these types of blackberry available from other retailers so that even more people can experience them.

"We are working with two varieties that offer superb flavor dynamics, Columbia Star and Von. These varieties are likely to play a more significant role in the expanding blackberries market in the coming years. At the moment, we are fortunate to visit a number of growers who are growing them in trial plots. This means that we have meanwhile been able to taste their qualities and sweetness," says Global Plant Genetics.


Photo: Mora Columbia Star

Source: Global Plant Genetics

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