28 Jun 2022

Blueberries: price index unchanged on the 12 retaliers monitored


The Global Blueberry Price Index of the basket Italian Berry remained unchanged from the previous week.

The index consists of 13 retailers of large global retailers, including 12 with product on offer in the survey of 06/27/2022.


The 13 retailers that make up the weekly panel are: Albert Heijn (NL), Carrefour (FR), Coop (CH), FairPrice (SG), Intermarches (FR), Interspar (AT), Kroger (US), Mercadona (ES), Rewe (DE), Sainsbury's (UK), Tesco (UK), Walmart (US), Woolworths (AU).

Walmart prices online
Walmart's online offer of blueberries

This week's basket assortment has 31 references in 12 global retailers of the GDO, with an average of 2.6 references per retailer. In the previous week there were 38 references in 10 retailers (average 3.8 references per retailer). Thus, the total number of references decreased by 18% from the previous week.

  • On 8% of the references, prices increased, with prices up 11% compared to the previous week;
  • On 81% of the references, stable prices were found compared to the previous week;
  • On 12 per cent of the references, decreasing prices were noted, with prices down by 10 per cent compared to the previous week.

Minimum prices are predominantly on the rise this week: out of 12 retailers of large global retailers, 33 percent held the minimum prices of the assortment stable blueberries, 58 percent increased them, and 8 percent decreased the minimum prices from the previous week.

Maximum prices mostly stable this week: out of 12 retailers of the large global retailers, 50 percent held maximum prices of the assortment stable blueberries, 33 percent increased them, and 17 percent decreased maximum prices from the previous week.


retailer and countryMIN of Price €/kgMAX price €/kg
Albert Heijn (NL)€ 11,98€ 19,95
Carrefour (FR)€ 7,98€ 14,32
Coop (CH)€ 13,43€ 19,50
FairPrice (SG)€ 21,25€ 49,03
Intermarches (FR)€ 15,92€ 15,92
Kroger (US)€ 7,37€ 19,34
Mercadona (ES)€ 14,75€ 14,75
Rewe (DE)€ 9,58€ 17,09
Sainsbury's (UK)€ 9,20€ 19,33
Tesco (UK)€ 10,44€ 19,33
Walmart (US)€ 9,61€ 9,61
Woolworths (AU)€ 34,04€ 34,04


FormatMIN of Price €/kgMAX price €/kg
150 g€ 9,20€ 19,33
170 g€ 19,34€ 19,34
175 g€ 17,09€ 17,09
200 g€ 14,75€ 19,95
250 g€ 11,56€ 13,92
300 g€ 11,60€ 13,30
312 g€ 7,55€ 32,63
500 g€ 7,98€ 11,98
510 g€ 7,37€ 12,91
680 g€ 9,61€ 9,61


retailer and countryWeightPricePrice €/kgNotes
Walmart (US)680 gUSD 6,94€ 9,61Standard
Carrefour (FR)250 gEUR 2,89€ 11,56Standard
Carrefour (FR)125 gEUR 1,49€ 11,92Standard
Carrefour (FR)500 gEUR 3,99€ 7,98Standard
Carrefour (FR)125 gEUR 1,79€ 14,32Organic
Albert Heijn (NL)300 gEUR 3,99€ 13,30Standard

Albert Heijn (NL)500 gEUR 5,99€ 11,98Standard
Albert Heijn (NL)200 gEUR 3,99€ 19,95Organic
Tesco (UK)250 gGBP 3,00€ 13,92Standard
Tesco (UK)150 gGBP 2,00€ 15,46Standard
Tesco (UK)500 gGBP 4,50€ 10,44Standard
Tesco (UK)150 gGBP 2,50€ 19,33Premium
Rewe (DE)175 gEUR 2,99€ 17,09Organic
Rewe (DE)500 gEUR 4,79€ 9,58Standard
Woolworths (AU)125 gAUD 6,50€ 34,03Standard
Mercadona (ES)200 gEUR 2,95€ 14,75Standard
Coop (CH)200 gCHF 3,95€ 19,49Organic
Coop (CH)250 gCHF 3,40€ 13,42Standard
FairPrice (SG)125 gSGD 3,90€ 21,25Standard Promo
FairPrice (SG)312 gSGD 14,95€ 32,63Premium Promo
FairPrice (SG)125 gSGD 6,80€ 37,05Organic
FairPrice (SG)125 gSGD 4,95€ 26,97Standard
FairPrice (SG)125 gSGD 9,00€ 49,03Standard
Sainsbury's (UK)150 gGBP 1,75€ 13,53Standard Promo
Sainsbury's (UK)300 gGBP 3,00€ 11,60Standard
Sainsbury's (UK)500 gGBP 4,50€ 10,44Standard
Sainsbury's (UK)150 gGBP 2,50€ 19,33Organic
Sainsbury's (UK)150 gGBP 1,19€ 9,20Discount
Kroger (US)510 gUSD 3,99€ 7,37Standard
Kroger (US)312 gUSD 2,50€ 7,56Standard Promo
Kroger (US)170 gUSD 3,49€ 19,34Organic
Kroger (US)510 gUSD 6,99€ 12,91Organic
Intermarches (FR)125 gEUR 1,99€ 15,92Standard Promo

Survey conducted on 27/06/2022, offers for online sales. Prices are converted to Euro at the exchange rate of the day.

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