27 Feb 2023

M&S new strawberry variety has a pineapple aroma


Customers can now purchase white strawberries, covered with red seeds, from Marks & Spencer. M&S promises that the new strawberries-an inverted take on their pinkish counterparts-will be just as sweet, with "a pineapple aroma and hints of vanilla."

White Pearl™ Strawberries, a first in the UK, were developed in Japan after seeds from the Asian nation's white berries were crossed with a traditional variant of the fruit.

Although there are several varieties of white strawberries, one type of strawberry-the "jewel strawberry" from Japan-is renowned for its luxurious reputation and costs up to $10 per berry, according to Allrecipes.com. According to the site, these strawberries are sweeter than the classic red strawberry and taste similar to candy.


"At M&S we love to be first to market and introduce products that no one else can do. Our customers are really excited when we introduce new flavor products or hybrids," said Tom Pedley, M&S buyer for strawberries.

"We are known for our Candyfloss grapes, while Limelon has been making waves, and that's why we needed to bring White Pearl™ Strawberry to M&S."

Tom praised not only its "really unique flavor," but also its "incredible" appearance.

"Also, it's great for children," Tom added. Who doesn't want to try a reverse strawberry?"

M&S recommends consuming the strawberries at room temperature for "maximum goodness," and the price is £3.50 per package.

Social media users greeted the news with mixed reactions: many wanted to taste the delicacy, denoting interest and curiosity about the product. But not everyone was enthusiastic: skeptics branded the fruit as "disgusting," while others described this strawberry variety as "anemic."

Other commentators, on the other hand, expressed doubts about the selection process for strawberry creation, along with doubts and perplexities regarding the origin, expense, and impact of transportation.

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The news comes as the supermarket chain announced plans to open 20 new stores, five of them in former Debenhams department stores, across the UK, with the aim of creating 3,400 jobs and as part of its commitment to redevelop vacant stores. Five will be located in Leeds White Rose, Liverpool ONE, Birmingham's Bullring, Lakeside Thurrock, and Trafford Centre.

During the next fiscal year, M&S will also open eight full-line stores in well-known shopping centers as well as in business parks and main streets in key cities. M&S will also open 12 new stores, including in Stockport, Barnsley and Largs in North Ayrshire, Scotland.

The pipeline of new stores for 2023-24 includes eight full-line stores in the city, including a new 30,000 sq. ft. store in Leeds White Rose and a 21,000 sq. ft. store in Liverpool One, both planned for summer 2023. The new openings, planned for 2023-24, will bring investment in new stores to £480 million, M&S said.

Sources: Daily MailDelish

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