23 Aug 2022



The University of Almeria, a renowned Spanish institution with thirteen of the world's most influential researchers according to Stanford University's ranking, will collaborate with Blueberries Consulting, an international company with a long history of promoting the sustainable cultivation of blueberry, to jointly organize professional programs with university degrees to train experts in blueberry irrigation and plant nutrition.

Blueberries Consulting, having taken its seminars to the world's leading blueberries exporting countries-Peru, Chile, Mexico, Morocco, and Spain-has noted theinterest shown by many of the growers accompanying them to their events toward specialized knowledge of this crop, which is why it created this academic program together with the University of Almeria.

Maintaining and improving the quality of fresh blueberries has become a challenge for the industry. Unpredictable weather conditions, labor shortages, lack of natural resources in good condition, and transportation logistics problems are some of the challenges growers face in order to export with confidence that their profits will be profitable.

That is why it is becoming increasingly important to learn about water efficiency in growing blueberry and the efficient use of reusable resources to nourish and improve the condition of the soil or substrate in which the plant is located. The latter cultivation system, known for its efficient use of water, proposes new challenges, such as salinity management, and new opportunities with improving the ability of blueberry to adapt to non-traditional areas.


There are two programs offered by the University of Almeria: a Diploma and the higher International Expert Level. Both programs are open to agricultural technicians, agronomists or people from related careers who can demonstrate their experience in the field of blueberries. Consult the curriculum.

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This is an opportunity for those who are interested in improving their knowledge but do not have the time or opportunity to leave their country of residence, as the course is conducted online through the Agricultural Seminars platform.

The diploma course called "Conventional Production and Soilless Cultivation in blueberries: Use of Substrates and Fertigation" is a 60-hour program that allows the accumulation of 8 academic credits at the University of Almeria. This program is a prerequisite for obtaining the higher academic degree of "International Expert in Irrigation and Nutrition in blueberries: Conventional Production and Soilless Cultivation," a certificate for which it is necessary to pass the diploma course and a second block on "Nutrient Solutions and Fertigation Management in blueberries", accumulating 150 hours.

In total, the Higher Academic Diploma of International Expert in Irrigation and Nutrition accumulates 18 credits. The credits accumulated can be validated for further study in the Master's degree, representing 30 percent of the total credits required to pass this program. However, the University of Almeria has a requirement to have earned a professional university degree to study a Master's degree at the institution, so only those with this professional degree will be able to validate the credits. Enrollment in this program is the student's responsibility and must be done on their own.

Applications are open on the Agricultural Seminars platform starting August 1. When you apply, you must choose the educational program you wish to take: the International Expert Level program includes the Diploma certificate. But if you choose to take only the Diploma, you will not have the opportunity to advance to the Expert Level program. So if you want to pursue this higher academic degree, you will have to enroll directly in the Expert Level program.

For more information write to contacto@blueberriesconsulting.com or send a WhatsApp message to + 56 9 3469 3871.

Source: Blueberries Consulting
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