15 Aug 2023

Good news for blueberries in Ukraine, prices and exports are rising


In English, it would be: "Blueberry prices in Ukraine have not experienced the downturn predicted by producers for this season; instead, both prices and exports are expected to grow, with a substantial increase in exports anticipated in the coming weeks compared to previous years.

The very low prices anticipated by Ukrainian growers for blueberries this season have been avoided. Prices have remained close to the previous year's level, and Ukrainian blueberry exports have seen a significant increase.

Taras Bashtannik, the head of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association (UPOA), commented on this in a statement to SEEDS:

"It cannot be said that low blueberry prices are incredible because now the lowest price on the market has been, on average, 80 hryvnias ($2.16). But even last year, it was 80. So, compared to last year, prices in this sense are not lower; they are the same."

"And in dollars, it's even higher because last year the exchange rate was around 41, even 42, whereas now it's 37 (UAH per dollar). As for blueberries, a price drop is not expected, at least for now, but we'll see. Even if everything is going well in terms of yield," says Taras Bashtannik.

Taras Bashtannik, responsabile UPOA.
Taras Bashtannik, responsabile UPOA.

At the same time, compared to the previous year and many others, blueberry exports have increased, which has helped support prices in the domestic market.

I prezzi dei mirtilli in Ucraina non sono calati e nelle prossime settimane avranno una crescita in parallelo all'aumento delle esportazioni.

Blueberry prices in Ukraine have not declined, and in the coming weeks, they will increase in parallel with the rise in exports.

"Exports have grown significantly. We don't have specific data yet, but it's clear that blueberries are being exported more than last year or the year before that. This is precisely what has maintained prices in the domestic market."

"In a week and a half, blueberry prices will increase because the main mass harvest will be completed. However, we see that consumption is gradually starting to decrease as people have already tried blueberries and are moving on to traditional August items like watermelon, peaches, and so on," observes Taras Bashtannik.

Source: East Fruit

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