25 Oct 2021



Italian soft fruit specialist Molari Berries & Breeding has big plans for its new G-Berries venture over the next five years, and the fact that it has already formed a partnership with Dole to test and develop commercial production in Mexico suggests that these plans will soon be realised.

Established in early 2021 with its own investment plan, the fully independent company focuses on breeding, applied research and intellectual property management. "We define our approach as contemporary and bespoke breeding," says Luca Molari, managing partner of G-Berries.

"We don't aim for the best variety in objective terms, but we look for the best variety for the specific needs of each partner. In a world where consumption habits, trends and demand change day by day, through one-to-one partnerships, we aim to predict your needs in 2025 or 2030."

After months of meetings, Luca and Matteo Molari (photo), together with R&D manager Oscar Vargas and Mexico general manager Luis Guillermo de la Torre, were proud to announce a promising new partnership with Dole, focused on the Mexican market.

Dole Diversified, a division of the large group, now has exclusive and rapid access to new genetics created by the G-Berries breeding programme. During a testing phase that is already underway with two initial selections, the partners will identify advanced cultivars that are best suited to Dole Diversified's needs in its Mexican growing locations, which supply markets around the world. Through ongoing communication and feedback, G-Berries will create exactly the type of fruit Dole is looking for.

"For our new company, this is an incredible starting point and we are establishing a great relationship with the Dole team," adds Luca Molari. "Our new strategy is clear: working together in one-to-one partnerships to select what producers are looking for in terms of fruit quality and consumer preferences. Mexico is the first market where we are launching this new approach because we think it is really strategic and we couldn't have a better partner as Dole is focused on berries more than ever."

For Dole, which now comprises Total Produce and Dole Food Company following their recent merger, the importance of access to the best berry varieties is clear. "We are the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world, and berries represents a strategic opportunity and an important focus for the company's growth," reads a statement.

"Through our fully integrated supply chain, we are able to supply our diversified customer base across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia all year round. As consumer tastes and preferences continue to evolve, we believe that future growth in the berry category will come from varietal advances, which is why we continue to prioritise the development of new varieties through close collaboration with premium breeders, such as G-Berries, in order to achieve this growth and continue to produce high quality berries.

Source: Fruitnet

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