14 Jan 2022

The new blueberry shaker for blueberry harvesting of Campagnola


Campagnola presents the Starberry MD2 electric shaker, a tool designed to optimise the collection of blueberries.

The quantity of berries harvested is 3 times greater than that obtained by manual harvesting. Its ergonomic shape has been specially designed to facilitate mechanized harvesting without fatiguing the operator. The tool runs on rechargeable plug-in batteries.


According to Vanni Roncagli, Campagnola's sales manager, Starberry MD2 offers a concrete solution to three problems that characterise the manual harvesting of blueberries:

  • the amount of fruit falling to the ground is reduced to zero
  • speeding up collection
  • The fruit is not touched by the operator's hands, so it retains all its integrity as when it is on the plant.

The electronic touch speed selector allows you to modulate the vibration speed (from 600 to 2200 beats) for optimal and selective harvesting of the fruit according to the degree of ripeness of the berries.


In addition, the ergonomic shape has been specially designed to facilitate mechanised harvesting without tiring the operator; the use of carbon-based polymers reduces the weight of the implement to 1.431 kg, including the battery.

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