28 Jul 2023

Berry Talks: The importance of post-harvest with Paula del Valle


On Monday, July 31st, the new episode of Berry Talks will focus on the importance of post-harvest and its management across all sectors of the supply chain.

Paula Andrea del Valle Escalona will be the guest on the new episode of Berry Talks, which will air on Monday, July 31st, at 18:00 (CET).

This new episode will be entirely dedicated to the importance of post-harvest in the berry industry and its optimal application in all aspects of the supply chain, from harvesting to packaging and through to consumer sales.

The guest of the upcoming episode, Paula del Valle, is an agricultural engineer with a Diploma in Agricultural Management, a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Sciences, and expertise in Fruit Post-Harvest.

She has held positions of responsibility in various fruit nurseries, genetic improvement programs for various species, and fresh fruit exporters, especially in blueberries. She has collaborated with professionals from different countries, companies, and universities.

Furthermore, as part of her training, she has been involved in teaching and research. She has held roles in Quality Management, Post-Harvest, and as a Corporate Post-Harvest Manager, leading a series of projects in the Innovation and Post-Harvest areas in Latin America, the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Since September 2020, Paula has been working as a consultant for quality, post-harvest, and innovation at Berries and has launched the web platform www.myblueproject.com, which brings together post-harvest technologies and related scientific information.

So, mark your calendar for Monday, July 31st, at 18:00 (CET) for the new episode of Berry Talks.

To watch the live broadcast:

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