24 Apr 2023

Berries: cycles up to 11 months with Arrigoni covers


This and other Arrigoni solutions will be displayed in the test fields at Macfrut 2023 and presented at International Blueberry Days.

Berries are among the most complex agricultural crops: weather phenomena (rain, wind, hail, excessive insolation, etc.), as well as sudden variations in temperature, may have very serious adverse effects on the yield and efficiency of entire plantations.

Arrigoni, which has recently expanded its range of agro-textiles in this sector, will be showing all its latest novelties at the international Macfrut 2023 exhibition (Rimini Fiera, May 3 - 5, stand 090 Hall A1), starting from Lirsa-branded medium and high light diffusion agrofilms. The Group's offerings for protecting berries, and blueberries in particular, will also be presented in a speech at 11:30 a.m. on May 5 (Hall A1, test field), as part of International Blueberry Days, the exhibition show event promoted by Arrigoni.

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Confirmation of the quality of Arrigoni 's berry protection systems comes mainly from growers who have already adopted some of the company's solutions.

They include Vito Gambina, proprietor of "A piccoli frutti di Vito Gambina" in Marsala (Trapani, Italy). "My farmj," Mr. Gambina explains, "is a specialist grower of berries using protected cultivation methods. Recently, supported by Arrigoni's technical consulting service, we chose white Robuxta® MDF for the protection of our plants, with results that we would describe as excellent. In fact, this solution protects plants from excessive sunlight, maintains an optimal indoor microclimate and has significantly increased our yields. In particular, we have already extended the crop cycle to 11 months per year, which is a truly remarkable achievement for a hot climate like the one in which we operate."

Arrigoni also offers an array of particularly effective solutions both for protection against the weather and combating insect pests. Prisma®, a line of polyethylene tape textiles with LD-Light Diffusion additive, ensable more uniform plant growth and reduces the internal temperature, creating the right microclimate for various crops. Robuxta®, a thermo-reflective screen with various density factors, increases the shading factor, reflects infrared radiation and, by reducing the internal temperature by up to 5 degrees, has increased yields by as much as 70 percent compared to monofilament nets.


Hail is also a particularly serious threat for berry growing, which Arrigoni is able to prevent with its Fructus® and Iride® netting systems. Against rain, on the other hand, Protecta® is the multifunctional screen made entirely of HDPE with excellent mechanical strength and long lifetime. Last but not least, Biorete® is a line of effective systems against insect pests such as Drosophila suzukii and Tuta absoluta.


Several of these protective solutions will also on centre stage at International Blueberry Days, a three-day event dedicated entirely to blueberries, to be held to coincide with Macfrut. At 11:30 a.m. on Friday, May 5, seminar guests will enjoy a guided visit to the test fields set up in  the showgournd's Hall A1, where Arrigoni Group agronomists will demonstrate and present the company's berry protection solutions as part of the presentation "New Berry Growing Environments", with additional insights from the Group's agronomist, Dr. Milena Poledica, and Cristiana Peano, Full Professor at the Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences, University of Turin.

Visit Arrigoni on stand 090, Hall A1 at Macfrut.

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