29 Jul 2022

Pasquini & Bini's vases also in Morocco


Nuova Pasquini & Bini, the Italian company specializing in the production of plastic pots for agriculture, recently took part in an event organized by Morocco Berry Conference in Agadir, where it presented its range of pots for above-ground production of blueberries.

What does the Moroccan market represent for Pasquini & Bini?

Morocco is, by a wide margin, the most developed country in North Africa. Its economy is stable and has been growing steadily for years at an average rate of 4 percent. This makes Morocco a very attractive market for us as well.

Especially the agricultural sector offers many opportunities in the near future as it is developing more and more toward new technologies, which makes it attractive as well as necessary to use hydroponic pots such as those we produce.

Super Heracles

What are the main opportunities you see in this area?

In Morocco, the agricultural sector creates between 15 and 20 percent of GDP and employs 40 percent of the workforce. There has been a climate of new beginnings in Moroccan agriculture for some years now, as King Mohammed VI, wants to modernize the sector with the so-called "Plan Maroc Vert," a comprehensive investment package that sets in motion the modernization and expansion of farms. We are mainly targeting the berries market and with that the cultivation of blueberry, a market that has already been growing strongly for years.

What are Pasquini & Bini's products of most interest to this market?

We have already partnered with Distributors and Farmers across the country for many years, mostly supplying high quality Polyethylene pots with UV stabilizers that withstand the extreme weather conditions of the country. The strong growth in Blueberry cultivation is a great opportunity for us, having for years a line of pots designed specifically for this type of plant. Our Eracle and Super Eracle pots are the flagship products that are already being used in so many plants both in Italy and abroad. We have a wide range from 2 liters to 75 liters that covers every need.

What are the features that distinguish these products of yours from the competition?

First are Polyethylene pots that have a minimum shelf life of 10 years and can house the plant for its entire production cycle. This avoids transplanting costs and the stress this creates to the plant, thus lowering the plant's productivity. Our Heracles and Super Heracles pots have an aeration and drainage system given by strategic holes and feet that raise the pot off the ground. In addition to the anti-spiraling gutters this ensures that the roots are healthy and vigorous and therefore supply nutrients to the plant in the best way possible.

Secondly, it is important for us to emphasize the "green" aspect given by the use of pots that are made from post-consumer recycled material. But this is only one of the plus points. Compared to growing in soil, having greater control over the use of fertilizers and chemicals reduces the environmental impact considerably.

Vase by Pasquini & Bini

How was your experience at the event "Production techniques of blueberry to obtain high quality fruit" organized by Morocco Berry Conference in which you participated in May this year in Agadir?

The Pasquini & Bini booth at the event organized by Morocco Berry Conference in Agadir in May 2022

It was a more than positive experience. The congress was excellently organized with an impactful speaker in the international market.

We saw the participants enthusiastic in 'learning about the possibilities of growing blueberry in Morocco and how they can increase their existing cultivation. The contacts we made were important to us and we look forward to seeing plants grow in our pots, as we are already supplying the first customers who have chosen Eracle pots for their plants.

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