25 Oct 2023

Peru estimates peak in weeks 48-50 and concerns arise from Chile


The Chilean blueberry industry is closely monitoring Peru, as they've seen a 52% drop in blueberry volumes compared to last season. The concern is that Peru's delayed peak may coincide with Chile's in January.

Peru's blueberry volumes are expected to be 30-40% lower this season due to El Niño-induced delays, making the situation even more worrisome. The hope is for a delayed peak in Peru, which might overlap with Chile's peak in weeks 48 to 50. This could lead to an oversupply, prompting a call for caution and exporting only what the global market demands.

Chile's blueberry committee anticipates exporting 82,000 tons, including new varieties. In Peru, a major blueberry producer is dealing with adverse effects from the warmer weather, affecting their blueberries, avocados, citrus, and asparagus. They expect a 25% decrease in blueberry production until March 2024.

While prices in the US and EU markets have improved, they are crucial for making up for the lower supply. Both countries are working closely to support each other during these challenging times. The focus is on strengthening partnerships, professionalism, and shared values to navigate through current and future challenges.

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