14 Feb 2024

Leadketty Farm closes after 80 years due to rising costs and no support from supermarkets


In the last few days, a heartfelt message shared on social media by Leadketty, a renowned Scottish producer of berries, has shaken the online community. The Corrigall family, at the helm of the farm, announced with profound sadness the decision to close its doors due to economic challenges.

The black background of the message, posted on one of the most popular social media platforms, served as the medium for an announcement that struck a chord, garnering support from numerous professionals and everyday consumers.

The core issue lies in the relentless increase in production costs, a phenomenon that has exerted unsustainable pressure on the family-run business. The Corrigall family expressed regret over the inability to adjust prices in response to this challenge, attributing part of the difficulties to the lack of support from supermarkets, which offered low returns and limited collaboration.

The message, simple yet poignant, captured the attention of a wide audience, revealing the solidarity of those who appreciated the quality of Leadketty's products. The decision to cease production and cultivation of berries, a difficult and heartbreaking choice, resulted from careful reflection on the sustainability of the business.

The Corrigall family wanted to warmly thank all staff, customers, and friends, both past and present, for their continuous support over the years. This acknowledgment underscores the importance of relationships built over time and the deep bond that the business has with its community.

While wishing the best for the future to all who supported them, the Corrigall family concluded the message with a heartfelt farewell, marking the end of a fruitful era for Leadketty Farm. The closure of the farm represents not only a loss for the Corrigall family but also for all those who have appreciated the quality and authenticity of their products over the years.

The full message as published on X and Facebook last week:

Dearest friends

We write this with deep sadness and heavy hearts. It has been a challenging period for us, as the cost of production is continuously increasing, resulting in a number of factors putting enormous pressure on our business. As the supermarkets have failed to support us offering low returns and a lack of support, This has made our business unsustainable.

Following careful consideration we have now made the difficult and heartbreaking decision to stop production and cease growing our beautiful berries.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all our staff, customers and friends past and present for their continued support over the years.

While we wish everyone the very best for the future, sadly for us it is time to say goodbye.

Yours sincerely

The Corrigall family

The comments on the Facebook post announcing the closure of the berry farm reflect a deep sense of sadness and sympathy from the community. Many express their sorrow for the closure and reminisce about the high quality and delicious berries the farm provided. The comments also highlight the impact the closure will have on cherished memories, family traditions, and the local community.

Several individuals share their appreciation for the farm's produce, with some considering the berries the best in Scotland. Many express gratitude for the years of providing fresh and tasty berries, and some share personal stories about their experiences with the farm.

Overall, the comments convey a sense of loss for a beloved local business and extend well wishes to the family for their future endeavors. The community expresses solidarity with the challenges the family faced and acknowledges the farm's contribution to the area.

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