09 Apr 2024

Hortifrut covers the entire production area with Wi-Fi 6 to optimise energy efficiency


Press release

Hortifrut, a global leader in berries production, has collaborated with Cambium Networks and Codipro, a distributor and system integrator specializing in networking, to venture into uncharted territory by implementing Wi-Fi 6 to redefine the landscape of connected agriculture.

This innovative journey aimed to usher in the era of Agriculture 4.0, with the clear objective of creating a robust Wi-Fi 6 network that not only covers the vast agricultural estate but also monitors and connects various IoT systems and sensor networks, crucial for farm management.

In implementing Wi-Fi 6 technology across its extensive agricultural area, Hortifrut had to tackle several challenges: first and foremost, ensuring consistent and reliable Wi-Fi coverage everywhere proved to be a significant obstacle, requiring meticulous planning and strategic positioning of access points to avoid signal degradation over long distances. 

Additionally, the project necessitated seamless integration and monitoring of multiple IoT systems and sensor networks, presenting complexities in managing and effectively coordinating multiple data streams.

The adoption of Wi-Fi 6 aimed to address issues related to efficiency and performance, aiming for higher speeds, better device performance, and increased energy efficiency to optimize agricultural operations. 

Through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships, Hortifrut successfully addressed these challenges, paving the way for a more connected and efficient future in agriculture. 

The implementation of Wi-Fi 6 at Hortifrut has yielded remarkable results. Twelve strategically positioned signal emission points connected to a Cambium Networks ePMP3000 access point played a crucial role in ensuring constant and reliable connectivity throughout the agricultural estate. This installation not only enabled unprecedented connectivity but also exemplified the cutting-edge technology used in the project. 

Leveraging Force 300-13L subscriber modules and an XV2-2T external AP equipped with high-efficiency antennas, the network provided exceptional speeds and optimal coverage. The project represents a true milestone, pioneering the use of Wi-Fi 6 in agriculture, marking a groundbreaking shift in industry performance and energy efficiency standards.

The collaboration between Hortifrut, Codipro, and Cambium Networks not only addressed immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for a more connected and efficient future in agriculture. Building on this success, Hortifrut anticipates further advancements in agricultural connectivity. 

Plans include expanding Wi-Fi 6 coverage, integrating more IoT systems, and exploring emerging technologies to enhance overall farm management.

Products Used:

  • Twelve Force 300-13L subscriber modules
  • XV2-2T external AP with high-efficiency antennas
  • ePMP3000 Access Point
  • Wi-Fi 6 technology for increased speed and efficiency

"Hortifrut's latest project strengthens our collaboration, bringing Wi-Fi 6 connectivity into a complex environment, marking a milestone in connected agriculture." José Luis Benítez, Manager, Codipro

"The perfect combination of Cambium's point-to-multipoint equipment and the power of our outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access points delivers maximum coverage and efficiency, setting new standards in connected agriculture." Maurice Dini, Regional Sales Director IBERIA, Cambium Networks

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