29 Sep 2023

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The contents of this issue:

Berries consumption in Italy increases by +4.9% while fruit drops by -8.1%

A detailed analysis of the data reveals a surprising trend: while traditional fruit seems to be losing ground, berries are increasingly gaining popularity among Italian consumers. We find out how this change is affecting the market.

The blueberry race continues: Italian households' expenditure up 15.8%**.

The blueberry is indisputably the star of this success story. The 15.8% increase in Italian household spending is an indicator of its growing popularity. We examine the reasons behind this trend and what makes the blueberry so popular.

Raspberries, households buying more but quantities fall (-9.5%)

While the number of households buying raspberries is increasing, we notice a decrease in the quantities purchased. What is driving this contrasting trend?

Blackberries attract more consumers while Italian consumption falls (-9.8%)

Blackberries are winning over the palate of more and more consumers, but Italians seem to be consuming them in smaller quantities. We explore the reason for this divergence.

Currants are bought by almost one million Italian families but consumption is falling (-12.2%)

Currants are loved by many Italian families, but data indicate a decrease in consumption. We analyse how the currant market is coping with this challenge

The typical small fruit consumer is upper class and lives in northern Italy

Who are the typical berry consumers? We find that they often belong to the upper class and reside mainly in northern Italy. What are the other characteristics of the average Italian small fruit consumer?

Here is the ideal blueberry according to the CNR-IBE consumer test

Researchers reveal the secret of the ideal blueberry according to the results of tests conducted by CNR-IBE. What makes a perfect blueberry for consumers?

Strawberries: a 100-brand season

We examine how the strawberry market has become increasingly competitive with the rise of a myriad of brands. What makes a strawberry brand unique and attractive?

Blueberry: quality at the core for global players

We conclude our journey into the world of berries by exploring how the global giants of the industry are targeting quality to win the hearts of consumers. How is the blueberry market evolving?

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