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20 Nov 2023

Chilean Blueberry Committee revises export estimates for 2023-2024 season amidst climatic challenges


The Chilean Blueberry Committee, in collaboration with iQonsulting, has reviewed its export estimates for the current season, reaching the new figure of 76,500 tons of fresh blueberries to be exported from Chile in the 2023-2024 season. This new figure reflects a decrease of 7% compared to the initial estimate made last October, as well as a 13% reduction compared to the previous season's exports.

The effects of bad weather

As indicated by Andrés Armstrong, Executive Director of the Blueberry Committee, "This reassessment takes into account the effects of the early November rains, as well as other associated climatic events such as frost and hail. Additionally, this second estimate also considers the impact of the rains on November 9th, 10th, and 11th."

Normal weekly progress

Regarding the shipment dynamics, Armstrong emphasized that both weekly exports and the phenological progress of the country's main varieties fall within the parameters of previous seasons. "A similar pattern to the average of recent seasons is observed, which would generate an initial volume peak of over 5,000 tons in week 49. Meanwhile, the period of higher volumes, reaching up to 8,000 tons per week, would be between weeks 51-2023 and 03-2024," he noted.

The professional reported that to date, fresh blueberry exports show an 18% growth compared to the previous season, "where the introduction of new varieties and the strong exclusion of unrecommended varieties (group 3) characterize our offering this campaign."

Air freight booming so far

Furthermore, he highlighted that concerning the shipping method, "air shipments have dominated exports to date with 1,422 tons and a 170% growth compared to the same period of the previous season. While maritime shipments are gradually increasing as the fruit volume also rises, adding up to 495 tons to date, which is 56% less than what was dispatched through this method in the same period of the previous season," he concluded.

Source: Simfruit

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