24 Apr 2023

Irritec: the complete solution for irrigation


The Irritec Group, founded in Sicily in 1974, is one of the world leaders in precision irrigation. Irritec's mission is to improve irrigation efficiency in agriculture and gardening while reducing environmental impact. Water scarcity and growing food needs have necessitated the use of drip irrigation worldwide, for which Irritec is a global benchmark.

Irritec logo.

Irritec designs, manufactures and distributes products and complete systems for open field, greenhouse and landscape irrigation. With 16 plants and 900 employees, Irritec has production and sales offices in Italy, Algeria, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Senegal, Spain and the United States. In its commitment to eco-sustainability, the company launched the Green Fields project, which encourages farmers to properly dispose of plastic products after use, ensuring a second life for them. This initiative has made Irritec an excellence in the circular economy. Innovation and sustainability have earned numerous international awards for a company that caters to growers, distributors and retailers, always aiming for maximum results and preserving the planet's most precious commodity: water.


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