15 May 2022

At what age can children start eating raspberries?


When a child tries something for the first time, it is a special experience! Fruit is a great snack. But when can a child start eating raspberries?

When can I start giving raspberries to my child?

Raspberries are fruity, sweet and delicious, but can sometimes be a little sour. Every time you eat them, they are a little explosion of flavour in your mouth. Your child is sure to enjoy the taste as much as you do. Raspberries are a great snack between meals because they are rich in vitamins and very handy for small children's hands.

They are recommended from the ninth or tenth month. As raspberries have a lot of fruit acid , they may contain allergens. When you give your baby raspberries for the first time, watch him or her and only give a small amount. Reactions such as a runny nose, stomach ache or reddening of the skin on the bottom and the rest of the body indicate anallergy. Also watch out for the Dennie-Morgan wrinkle.

How healthy are raspberries for my baby?

Raspberries have many positive properties . They are rich in various B vitamins and have a high vitamin C content. They are also rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Antioxidants fight free radicals and the pigments, so-called flavonoids, have health-promoting properties. It is therefore worth enjoying raspberries regularly as a complementary food, provided that there is no allergy. The red berrieshave a lot to offer.


The exciting taste of raspberries will convince the child. However, since the fruit's acid can cause allergic reactions, one should only start with a small amount of raspberries. On the whole, raspberries are very healthy and can be given to the baby from the ninth or tenth month of life.

Source: Familie.de

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