01 Mar 2024

Hortifrut harvest a super blueberry of Imperial variety


Hortifrut has achieved an exceptional harvest with a super blueberry of the Imperial variety, carefully selected at its production site in Chile. This berrie has an impressive diameter of 37.48 millimetres and a weight of 18.38 grams, which is 1.5 times bigger than a one sol coin.

"To get an idea of the magnitude of this blueberry, let's remember that the average diameter and weight among all our varieties is 17-18 mm and approximately 2.8 grams," the company highlights on its LinkedIn profile.

The Imperial variety is distinguished by its superior calibre, weight and appearance, which, together with its high fruit quality, offers significant added value and meets customer expectations.

"We are delighted that our genetic work maintains the quality and characteristics needed to reach their destination without problems. Our super blueberry is an excellent example of our commitment in all our operations at Hortifrut," the company adds.

Source: Agroperu

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