30 Apr 2024

Currants drag up the Italian berry price index in week 18/2024


The data presented here were collected this week by the Berry -Commerce Retail Monitor provided by Italian Berry, which analyzes the price lists of Italian large-scale retailers. Below is a detailed price analysis for each product.



This week, the price of raspberries recorded a negative percentage change of 0.5%. The lowest price detected was EUR 18.00 per kg at Bennet, while the highest price was EUR 60.00 per kg at Eataly. The average price was calculated at EUR 27.91 per kg, with a total of 17 references observed.


Blueberries showed a positive change of 2.1% compared to the previous week. The lowest price was EUR 7.92 per kg observed at Gruppo Poli, and the maximum was EUR 31.60 per kg at Eataly. The average price stood at EUR 17.66 per kg, with 17 references analyzed.


Blackberries have seen a decrease of 2.3% in their price. The minimum was EUR 11.92 per kg found at Eurospin, while the maximum was EUR 30.24 per kg at Carrefour. The average detected price was EUR 20.65 per kg with 13 references available.

Red Currants

Red currants saw a significant increase in prices, with a variation of 6.3%. The minimum price was EUR 27.84 per kg at Easy Coop and the maximum price of EUR 39.84 per kg at Carrefour. On average, the price per kg was EUR 32.08 with 4 references examined.

Prices over the Last Four Weeks

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