29 nov 2019

Italian Berry Market Report: week 48/2019



Several Italian supermarkets are pushing blueberry consumption this week. In the stores prices are as low as €1.15/punnet.

Peru is shortly coming to an end and prices are raising to €7.80/Kg delivered Italy for punnets and €6.50/kg for loose.

The retailers are facing the challenge to keep going while the prices increase, in order not to end up out of stock. They are currently trying to plan their supplies accordingly until the week after Christmas.


As far as raspberries are concerned, the sudden peak of production in Morocco, Spain, Portugal and Italy is bringing the prices to unexperienced levels as they are going down by the hour.

Sales are slow, there is too much fruit and due to the bad weather there has been a huge crysis in raspberries in the past 8 days. Some retailers are planning promotions for next week.

Italian retail prices

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Photo: Italian Berry

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