31 mar 2023

UNITEC side by side with the global blueberry industry and Technical Partner of the International Blueberry Days


For almost 100 years, UNITEC has been working side by side with packing houses across the world, especially where export is a significant part of business. Thanks to innovative solutions, often developed to meet the requests and needs of its clients, UNITEC has been able to offer tangible solutions to improve the handling of more than 50 different types of fruits, including blueberries.

Through the years, UNITEC has built a solid connection to the market needs and to the improvement objectives related to the industry of these small fruits. The company's focus and source of pride is to optimize the handling process of fruits with innovative technologies dedicated to internal and external quality selection, often unique in their kind like Blueberry Vision and UNIQ Blueberry. Over the years these solutions have proven to be true allies for companies to guarantee blueberry supplies of consistent quality over time, thus increasing the value of their brand as well as increasing customer satisfaction wherever the market of destination may be.

Notwithstanding the strong results obtained, UNITEC chooses to take the challenge further and to be guided every day by the will to provide solutions for the needs of the industry. In particular, blueberries require a significant amount of manual labor, often by skilled workers all the way from harvesting to sorting. To address this challenge, UNITEC developed new solutions by applying robotic technology to the handling process of this delicate and precious fruit to reduce the need of personnel employed in stressful and wearying activities.


The International Blueberry Days, an event taking place during the MACFRUT trade show in Rimini in early May, will feature key opinion leaders of the blueberry industry from all the major  production and commercial areas for this small fruit. According to Angelo Benedetti, President of UNITEC, “The International Blueberry Days will be an important opportunity to focus on the evolution of the industry and on the essential role that technological innovation plays in its continuing growth. As UNITEC, we are proud to support this event as Technical Partner, just like we are to work beside blueberry packing houses all over the world, animated by the strong desire to support them in optimizing their processes and improve their business, now and in the future. All this happens as a result of our experience and strong belief that the continuous search for improvement generated by innovative and dedicated technological solutions, can make our world a better place. We Work for Your results.”

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