29 dic 2019

Weekly blueberry prices of global retailers


Italian Berry regularly surveys prices of blueberries in the online shops of 13 global supermarkets since 29/12/2019.

Minimum prices

The dynamics of minimum prices show a high level of competitiveness in US and British retailers. The supermarkets surveyed in Australia, Switzerland and Singapore often have only one or two SKUs and are permanently positioned at the highest price levels. In the middle range are the prices of EU supermarkets, with the exception of Rewe, which offers very aggressive prices at certain times.

Maximum prices

The maximum prices often represent the niche segments and mainly organic; here the dynamics in the ranking is greater, with frequent changes of position. In this segment British supermarkets seem to pursue a very stable price positioning.


The data may be analyzed by geographical area: European Union, United Kingdom, other non-EU European countries, Asia, America and Australia.

Although the blueberry market is highly globalised, pricing policies differ considerably between geographical areas, although they are fairly uniform within the same geographical area.


The extent of the is extremely variable between the deifferent retailers. The number of SKUs varies from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10 blueberry SKUs per retailer.

The segmentation includes organic lines, with zero residue, discount, by geographical origin, premium as well as standard lines.

The format (net weight) and type of packaging (punnet, bucket, shaker) also have an influence on strategic positioning and price.


The SKUs offered at the minimum price are usually based on the highest net weight and standard quality. There is usually strong competition on these lines and prices differ considerably.


The maximum prices, on the other hand, mainly refer to organic and premium lines, which are also sold in smaller and more expensive formats,


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