06 dic 2019

Italian Berry Market Report: week 49/2019



Italian retailers are groping in the dark. The unjustified promotions of last week did not help the sales, and now they are trying to switch to the 250g format, while most of the fruit from Peru has already come in other formats, leaving a hole in the Italian supply for this format. Some 125g are still in the system, but with low demand, for prices down to €6.00/kg delivered. The supply is also short, considering that Peru is almost finished and the other markets are paying better prices.


It seems particularly difficult to find an acceptable price level for raspberries. Especially Adelita from Morocco and Spain, which is hardly under control, has been going up and down all week. Today’s purchase prices were around €5.50/Kg delivered for punnets for this week end.

Italian retail prices

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Photo: Italian Berry

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