15 nov 2019

Italian Berry Market Report: week 46/2019


The consumption has lowered in the past few weeks, forcing some supermarkets to start unsustainable promotions in the stores.

The low import prices into Italy (as low as €6.00/Kg for both punneted blueberries and raspberries) are bringing the exporters to look for different markets such as Russia, UK or Benelux, where prices are generally stronger (Russia is paying up to €9.50/Kg for punneted blueberries).

These prices, together with the general shortage of fruit affecting Spanish and Moroccan raspberries (cold weather) and Peruvian blueberries (season changing) are causing major issues in the supermarket supply in Italy.

Meanwhile, Italian growers are planting more blueberries (now we are up to 1.200 hectars). It's generally the very early variety Duke, but also some Ozblu and Fall Creek varieties in order to face the the increasing demand of quality fruit and to extend the season. In some years, this will bring Italy to supply fresh Italian blueberries from February to October. 

Check the latest retail prices here:

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